Gimme some air!

I am sure we have all heard this and combination of this coinage, at some point of our life! “I need some air”, “Get some fresh air”, “I’m going to go, get some air”- specially after a heated argument, a bad fight or even when nothings going right- fresh air seem to put things in perspective. Hence, as an ode to the popular “feel good” method, we will talk about the importance of fresh air and give you a benefit or six of taking a walk in Fresh air.


Fresh air & digestion: Did you know that fresh air helps you to digest your food effectively? That is why most of us are advised to take a walk after our lunch or dinner. Better digestion directly contributes to effective weight loss!

Improves your blood pressure and heart rate: Polluted environment does no one good specially if you are someone with high blood pressure. Polluted environment forces the body to work harder to get the amount of oxygen it needs. On the contrary, in fresh air, your body gets the necessary oxygen easily.

Strengthens your immune system: White blood cells kill and fight bacteria and germs. They need enough oxygen to work and function properly. In fresh air, the supply of oxygen is much more making your immunity system stronger.

More energy, sharper mind: It’s been told for ages that fresh air helps you to think better and increases your energy level. Why? Because your brain needs twenty percent of your body’s oxygen. The more the oxygen supply to the body, the better the clarity to brain. Which means- improved concentration, clear thinking and a more positive effect to your mind.

Apart from the above benefits, fresh air also triggers serotonin- the feel good hormone- that makes your mood light and promotes a sense of happiness. This is exactly why “Fresh Air” makes you feel good when you walk out of the door, after a heated conversation. We actually think its a great idea and you should! If you are reading this piece and want to understand the difference- step out to the great outdoors!

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