Style up according to your body type

Clothes are more than just a piece of fabric that covers your body. It is a fashion statement and style quotient. Wearing designer and branded clothes is not possible for most of us but wearing clothes that suit our body types will ensure you always look good and fabulous.

Accepting your body type is the first step to looking good. Once you are comfortable in your skin then you can try for fashion that appeals to your figure.


1.Triangle / Pear Shape – Pear shaped women carry most of their weight on the lower part of their body namely hips, waist, bum and thighs. This can be a very feminine and attractive body type when dressed right as the right clothes will lend a curvaceous feature to the body. A-line skirts that fall just above the knee are the best bet. Heels provide a slender appearance to legs and should be worn often. Belts make for an amazing accessory as they accentuate the slim waist and provide an hourglass shape. Since women with this body type has smaller chest, right size bra or a push-up bra will suit. Big earrings and necklaces would also draw attention up. Don’t wear skinny jeans, but boot-cut can be great. Wide legged pants create a more even look from the hips down. Don’t wear skirts in silk, lycra or flimsy material as they would make hips appear unnecessarily large.

2.Inverted Triangle – Women with this body type have wide shoulders and back and a smaller waist and hips. Many styles fit this type, just make sure that your upper body doesn’t lend you a masculine appearance. V-neck shirts and tops look best as they draw focus away from shoulders. Wraparound skirts in soft materials can help slim your waist and create a more unified feminine look. Skirts that flare at the bottom can add dimension to your lower half if cinched at the waist and will lend an hourglass look. Bright colours and prints on the lower part of the body would draw attention away from a heavy chest and tops with a center print or embellishments will keep the focus away from broad shoulders. Avoid stiff wide jackets with shoulder pads and high-necked dresses as these will make your top look heavy and broad. Polo necks and heavy pullovers are a complete no-no, instead use cardigans and v-necked coats. A right size bra will do wonders to any clothes that you wear.


3.Hourglass Figure – Probably the most coveted body type, this feature a full chest, small waist and rounded hips. But as with all types wrong clothes will totally undermine the attractiveness. Sweetheart necklines are the best bet, cropped jackets that nip in at the waist and pencil skirts that emphasize the narrow waist and curvaceous hips look best. Women can tuck in their shirts too. Boot-cut as well as wide-legged trousers look good on this body type. Avoid clothing that is overly tight as this will make your curves look unnatural and oversized.

Women with these body types would surely find the tips helpful. If this is not your body type then rest assured we will be featuring rounded body type and rectangular shape in our next blog.

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