Ideas to use old shoes as planters

There are many ways through which you can use old shoes, sneakers, and boots for making plant containers that can come in handy while decorating your outdoor rooms or your back garden. Recycling old footwear and making them into planters are a great way to use something which otherwise would have gone directly into the rubbish heap.


Old footwear can be easily transformed into planters for your decorating your garden or your fence. These will bring a decorative value to your rooms and will also help you unleash your creativity while de-cluttering your home. A mixture of glue and paint, ribbons, beads, buttons and some glitter or trinkets can change the way your shoes or boots look. They will turn your dilapidated shoe into a Jimmy Choo with some creativity. The glue and paint mixture gives the shoe a glossy coating and beads, ribbons and other things help make colourful pattern.


1.Make several holes in the soles of an old shoe for the water to drain. If the shoe already has holes in its soles then make sure that the water can drain if you hang it on a wall or on a peg.
2.Shoe Lace can be used for decoration or for tying the shoes to a fence or a wall
3.Fill the shoe with moist potting soil


4.Plant flowers or an ornamental plant in the soil by patting down the soil
5.Place the shoe in the garden, or the porch or the fence making sure the amount of sunlight needed for the plant that you have potted as a few varieties don’t need too much of sunshine and needs partial shade.
6.Water the shoe planter according to the water content needed for the plant to grow

Now that your shoe planter is ready put it at the designated place and see how it transforms the surroundings with its quaint beauty!

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