Style up according to your Body Type- Part 2

So keeping our promise intact, we’re back with fashion suggestions according to body types. Hopefully, the previous post must have given you some insight on the clothes that fit your body. If you could not identify with the body types explained previously, rest assured, as we have a couple more to go.


Rectangular Shape: A rectangular shape means you’re as broad as on your chest as you are on your waist and hips. It is also termed as ‘boyish’ or ‘athletic’ type. A rectangular shaped woman would have slim legs, long torsos and small chest and no one region would be particularly endowed with fat. In general this type of body is more common on athletes or people who are more into fitness training hence the moniker. Women with this type of body generally have well toned and long legs, so this is the best asset that they can flaunt. Short skirts and shorts would look extra edgy on this figure. When cinching dresses and shirts use a thin belt in a contrasting colour to play up the lean figure and create an illusion of a small defined waist. A good push-up bra would help add inches and provide a curvier top. Skinny jeans and leggings with prints and textures would look great on this body type. Plunging necklines are not for this body type as they will make the chest appear even smaller. Empire waist shirts shape perfectly around the chest and should be employed. Baggy clothing are not meant for an athletic type, keep the clothes well tailored and fitted.


Rounded Body Type: Women with rounded shapes have waists that are wider than their hips and chests. They are top heavy with voluptuous breasts and shapely legs. Achieving the womanly figure is not very difficult if done the right way! The trick is to create a more defined waist, so wear tailored jackets and coats that nip in at the waist. A-line skirts will make hips look curvier and give an illusion of a narrow waist. Employ thick belts that camouflage and makes your waist look tiny. A good corset can shave off inches off your body and give your midsection a definite curve. Make sure that it is comfortable enough so that you can slip it under your dress. Wraparound tops in not any clingy material will help break up your torso and provide an hourglass shape. Avoid wide-leg jeans, choose jeans that are straight or boot-cut to give your legs a leaner and longer appearance. Wear dark colours in your jeans and trousers as they add a slimming effect. Wear mid-rise or high-rise jeans to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Short tops should be avoided, instead wear shirts that are flowy and long on the torso. Avoid polo necks and Chinese collars as they make you look top heavy. V-necks are the best option.

So now that you’ve identified your body type and know what suits best for your figure, why not go ahead and make your style statement?

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