5 best food to munch on this season!

5 best food to munch on this season: This list is way cool!

I think, gastronomically, we, Indians are very progressive! We love our food, we take it seriously- so seriously that sometimes we decide our daughter-in-laws on the basis of how she cooks- and love to be food-wise. We take time to eat at new restaurants, we fight over a piece of fresh fish (or at least some regions do) and we certainly won’t need a statistic-expert to tell us that 7/10 Indian would love to experiment food and eat something new. While monsoon staples are monsoon staples and they are an all time favorite, we guess, this monsoon its time for us to introduce you to 5 way cool foods from across the universe that according to our understanding would go perfect with our torrential rains and cool, rainy days!
Deli Chicken: Busy rainy weeknight? All you need to do is pick up a whole roasted chicken from your deli or supermarket and turn it into a delicious meal in minutes. Dress up a pasta, cut in chunks and toss it with sauteed vegetables, put it on a low fat pizza, pull it with a fork and assemble a delicious sandwich- a deli-roasted chicken is a smart way to enjoy your monsoon and we are starring this as our flavor of the month!

Vegetarian Barbecue: have some Alfresco fun! If waiting till the weekend is not your drift, charge up one of your rainy nights with a verandah barbecue session! All you’ll need is lime juice, veggies of your choice, olive oil, parsley and thyme. make a marinade with all of the above + salt + pepper and a dash of barbecue sauce; drizzle and BBQ! What a platter to polish off on a rainy night!
Enchiladas: Nothing’s better on a rainy day than the smell of molten cheese, bubbling away in all its glory in the oven! While Pizza may or may not be something you’d want to try (thanks to the ubiquitous pizza chains that delivers pizza for as low as 39 INR), enchiladas might be something you would like to try! Meat, fresh veggies, and Mexican cheeses meld together as the dish bakes to bubbly perfection in an enchilada, making a perfect dinner for two.

Pan Fried chicken and buttered rice: You don’t necessarily have to cook chicken in a curry! Make your culinary habits go through a classic transformation. Season your chicken pieces with salt and pepper, drizzle pepper sauce and half a teaspoon of BBQ sauce. Pan fry in very little oil. Prepare rice and add a dollop of herbed butter (Butter + parsley + pepper). Serve chicken on buttered rice with chicken oil!
Treacle sponge: How could we miss the dessert! Often on a rainy night, your slumber tells you goodbye and a strange hunger knocks on your stomach. If it’s around 2 in the night, your weapon of choice to destroy it from the root is treacle sponge. Take a bite of this spongy goodness and you’ll know why some of us set an alarm at 2 A.M

Believe us and try these 5 super food out this monsoon. This twist of taste would be worth it!

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