How to conserve water in your apartment

Water conservation is not only a noble cause but also an essential one, since the water that we use for drinking is the same water that was present when the Earth was formed. Our body is made up of 70% of water and undeniably, water is life. By conserving water and not letting it go waste we actually do ourselves a favour. So here are some tips on how to save water in your apartment.

1.Check faucets and pipes for leaks and fix them
2.Don’t use the toilet as a dustbin or ashtray
3.Check your toilets for leaks
4.Install water saving shower heads and taps


5.Take shorter showers or better still use a bucket instead of showering
6.Don’t keep your tap running while washing utensils. Scrub all of them first then wash them
7.Don’t keep your tap running once you’ve we your toothbrush
8.Don’t keep the water running while shaving
9.Use washing machine and dishwasher for only full loads
10.Don’t let the faucet run while you’re cleaning vegetables
11.Plant drought resistant lawns, shrubs and plants
12.Water your lawn only when it needs it


13.Don’t throw away the water that you’ve used to wash your vegetables, instead water your plants with them
14.Water in the cool parts of the day like early morning or evening
15.Use a broom not a hose to clean the driveway
16.Don’t use a hose to clean your car
17.Add organic matter to your flower pots and lawns so that they absorb more water
18.When washing hands turn the water off while you lather


19.Instead of building a private pool, join a community pool
20.Start rain water harvesting at the earliest

So here were a few tips that you can abide by to conserve water. Do your bit for the element that is life!

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