Foods to avoid during monsoon

Monsoon showers do provide the much needed relief from the scorching heat, but they also bring health problems in their wake like allergies, flu, indigestion etc. There is no need to panic though, small variations in dietary habits can keep health problems at bay.


1.Keep yourself hydrated – In monsoon sweat does not evaporate quickly as the humidity levels are high and prevents the body from releasing heat. Therefore, drinking up on water is advisable. However, avoid carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks as they result in indigestion. Instead warm beverages like tea are better.
2.Soups – During monsoon soups are a great way to getting nutrition from veggies. They provide a warm feeling when you’re drenched and also help in combating against any cold or flu symptoms. They are also an ideal way of consuming the green stuff without having any bacteria.
3.Cereals – Monsoon is the time to go the cereal way. Corn, barley, chickpeas, brown rice and oats are the best and tastier bet as they are beneficial for the body.


4.Benefit of a balanced diet – Digestion is slow during monsoon, so eat slowly and only when you’re hungry. Vegetables like bitter gourd and herbs like neem and turmeric are rich in antioxidants and build immunity. Spices such as pepper, asafoetida and coriander help improve immunity. Cherries, bananas, apples, pomegranates, plums, litchis, pears, carrots, fenugreek and radish are helpful for a regular diet.
5.Clean food – Clean your leafy vegetables and fruits thoroughly before cooking them. Avoid raw salads and steam cauliflowers and leafy vegetables. Uncooked food might harbor bacteria in them.
6.Stop breeding of mosquitoes – Don’t let the water collect near your house that can result in a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Apply mosquito repellent or sleep inside a mosquito net to prevent mosquito bites.
7.Street Food – Say no to street food and cut fruits on the roadside can be a cause for food poisoning.


8.Avoid jumping in puddles – No matter how tempting it might be, but jumping in puddles can be a grave health hazard. Wet feet can lead to fungal and bacterial infections and lead to sores and wounds. Diabetics should take utmost care of keeping their foot dry during the rainy season.
9.Exercise – Do gentle and less strenuous exercises during monsoon. Yoga, walking and stretching are better options
10.Seafood – Monsoons are the breeding season for fishes and prawns, so avoiding them are the best bet. If you still need to gorge on them, make sure that they are fresh and properly cleaned.

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Ideas to use old shoes as planters

There are many ways through which you can use old shoes, sneakers, and boots for making plant containers that can come in handy while decorating your outdoor rooms or your back garden. Recycling old footwear and making them into planters are a great way to use something which otherwise would have gone directly into the rubbish heap.


Old footwear can be easily transformed into planters for your decorating your garden or your fence. These will bring a decorative value to your rooms and will also help you unleash your creativity while de-cluttering your home. A mixture of glue and paint, ribbons, beads, buttons and some glitter or trinkets can change the way your shoes or boots look. They will turn your dilapidated shoe into a Jimmy Choo with some creativity. The glue and paint mixture gives the shoe a glossy coating and beads, ribbons and other things help make colourful pattern.


1.Make several holes in the soles of an old shoe for the water to drain. If the shoe already has holes in its soles then make sure that the water can drain if you hang it on a wall or on a peg.
2.Shoe Lace can be used for decoration or for tying the shoes to a fence or a wall
3.Fill the shoe with moist potting soil


4.Plant flowers or an ornamental plant in the soil by patting down the soil
5.Place the shoe in the garden, or the porch or the fence making sure the amount of sunlight needed for the plant that you have potted as a few varieties don’t need too much of sunshine and needs partial shade.
6.Water the shoe planter according to the water content needed for the plant to grow

Now that your shoe planter is ready put it at the designated place and see how it transforms the surroundings with its quaint beauty!

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How to conserve water in your apartment

Water conservation is not only a noble cause but also an essential one, since the water that we use for drinking is the same water that was present when the Earth was formed. Our body is made up of 70% of water and undeniably, water is life. By conserving water and not letting it go waste we actually do ourselves a favour. So here are some tips on how to save water in your apartment.

1.Check faucets and pipes for leaks and fix them
2.Don’t use the toilet as a dustbin or ashtray
3.Check your toilets for leaks
4.Install water saving shower heads and taps


5.Take shorter showers or better still use a bucket instead of showering
6.Don’t keep your tap running while washing utensils. Scrub all of them first then wash them
7.Don’t keep your tap running once you’ve we your toothbrush
8.Don’t keep the water running while shaving
9.Use washing machine and dishwasher for only full loads
10.Don’t let the faucet run while you’re cleaning vegetables
11.Plant drought resistant lawns, shrubs and plants
12.Water your lawn only when it needs it


13.Don’t throw away the water that you’ve used to wash your vegetables, instead water your plants with them
14.Water in the cool parts of the day like early morning or evening
15.Use a broom not a hose to clean the driveway
16.Don’t use a hose to clean your car
17.Add organic matter to your flower pots and lawns so that they absorb more water
18.When washing hands turn the water off while you lather


19.Instead of building a private pool, join a community pool
20.Start rain water harvesting at the earliest

So here were a few tips that you can abide by to conserve water. Do your bit for the element that is life!

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Style up according to your Body Type- Part 2

So keeping our promise intact, we’re back with fashion suggestions according to body types. Hopefully, the previous post must have given you some insight on the clothes that fit your body. If you could not identify with the body types explained previously, rest assured, as we have a couple more to go.


Rectangular Shape: A rectangular shape means you’re as broad as on your chest as you are on your waist and hips. It is also termed as ‘boyish’ or ‘athletic’ type. A rectangular shaped woman would have slim legs, long torsos and small chest and no one region would be particularly endowed with fat. In general this type of body is more common on athletes or people who are more into fitness training hence the moniker. Women with this type of body generally have well toned and long legs, so this is the best asset that they can flaunt. Short skirts and shorts would look extra edgy on this figure. When cinching dresses and shirts use a thin belt in a contrasting colour to play up the lean figure and create an illusion of a small defined waist. A good push-up bra would help add inches and provide a curvier top. Skinny jeans and leggings with prints and textures would look great on this body type. Plunging necklines are not for this body type as they will make the chest appear even smaller. Empire waist shirts shape perfectly around the chest and should be employed. Baggy clothing are not meant for an athletic type, keep the clothes well tailored and fitted.


Rounded Body Type: Women with rounded shapes have waists that are wider than their hips and chests. They are top heavy with voluptuous breasts and shapely legs. Achieving the womanly figure is not very difficult if done the right way! The trick is to create a more defined waist, so wear tailored jackets and coats that nip in at the waist. A-line skirts will make hips look curvier and give an illusion of a narrow waist. Employ thick belts that camouflage and makes your waist look tiny. A good corset can shave off inches off your body and give your midsection a definite curve. Make sure that it is comfortable enough so that you can slip it under your dress. Wraparound tops in not any clingy material will help break up your torso and provide an hourglass shape. Avoid wide-leg jeans, choose jeans that are straight or boot-cut to give your legs a leaner and longer appearance. Wear dark colours in your jeans and trousers as they add a slimming effect. Wear mid-rise or high-rise jeans to give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. Short tops should be avoided, instead wear shirts that are flowy and long on the torso. Avoid polo necks and Chinese collars as they make you look top heavy. V-necks are the best option.

So now that you’ve identified your body type and know what suits best for your figure, why not go ahead and make your style statement?

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Style up according to your body type

Clothes are more than just a piece of fabric that covers your body. It is a fashion statement and style quotient. Wearing designer and branded clothes is not possible for most of us but wearing clothes that suit our body types will ensure you always look good and fabulous.

Accepting your body type is the first step to looking good. Once you are comfortable in your skin then you can try for fashion that appeals to your figure.


1.Triangle / Pear Shape – Pear shaped women carry most of their weight on the lower part of their body namely hips, waist, bum and thighs. This can be a very feminine and attractive body type when dressed right as the right clothes will lend a curvaceous feature to the body. A-line skirts that fall just above the knee are the best bet. Heels provide a slender appearance to legs and should be worn often. Belts make for an amazing accessory as they accentuate the slim waist and provide an hourglass shape. Since women with this body type has smaller chest, right size bra or a push-up bra will suit. Big earrings and necklaces would also draw attention up. Don’t wear skinny jeans, but boot-cut can be great. Wide legged pants create a more even look from the hips down. Don’t wear skirts in silk, lycra or flimsy material as they would make hips appear unnecessarily large.

2.Inverted Triangle – Women with this body type have wide shoulders and back and a smaller waist and hips. Many styles fit this type, just make sure that your upper body doesn’t lend you a masculine appearance. V-neck shirts and tops look best as they draw focus away from shoulders. Wraparound skirts in soft materials can help slim your waist and create a more unified feminine look. Skirts that flare at the bottom can add dimension to your lower half if cinched at the waist and will lend an hourglass look. Bright colours and prints on the lower part of the body would draw attention away from a heavy chest and tops with a center print or embellishments will keep the focus away from broad shoulders. Avoid stiff wide jackets with shoulder pads and high-necked dresses as these will make your top look heavy and broad. Polo necks and heavy pullovers are a complete no-no, instead use cardigans and v-necked coats. A right size bra will do wonders to any clothes that you wear.


3.Hourglass Figure – Probably the most coveted body type, this feature a full chest, small waist and rounded hips. But as with all types wrong clothes will totally undermine the attractiveness. Sweetheart necklines are the best bet, cropped jackets that nip in at the waist and pencil skirts that emphasize the narrow waist and curvaceous hips look best. Women can tuck in their shirts too. Boot-cut as well as wide-legged trousers look good on this body type. Avoid clothing that is overly tight as this will make your curves look unnatural and oversized.

Women with these body types would surely find the tips helpful. If this is not your body type then rest assured we will be featuring rounded body type and rectangular shape in our next blog.

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Different ways to maintain the perfect skin this summer

It’s not only our words that help us communicate better, but our face provides the meaning behind our words. So obviously taking care of your facial skin is of utmost priority since who doesn’t want to make a good impression and look beautiful too. But good skin always comes with a cost and that is effort and care. Here are a few pointers which would help you maintain perfect skin this summer:


1.Make skin care a routine – Embarking on a skin care routine only after getting acne, wrinkles, pimples or blackheads is not the best practice. Good skin is a result of diligent skin care routine. If you don’t maintain the practice then this is the best time to start.
2.Stay Hydrated – There are no magic treatments to a glowing skin but drinking eight glasses of water a day can solve many skin problems. Water keeps your skin hydrated and flushes away toxins from your body.


3.Diet according to summer – What you put into your mouth reveals a lot about your skin. Opt for salads, soups, fruits and vegetables during the hot season. If you don’t want to have an entire fruit, juices are good too. Instead of aerated and alcoholic drinks go for fresh fruit juices.
4.Exfoliate – Exfoliation is the perfect choice for removing the dead skin off your face. It keeps skin looking fresh and healthy and also helps in blood circulation. Choose a good exfoliation cream with tiny granules for best effect. Exfoliate twice a week for best results.
5.Moisturize- Even though you might feel sweat pouring over your brow and the humidity might not make your skin seem dry, moisturizing is an important step to good skin care. Moisturize your skin after a bath when your skin is still wet to keep it smooth and well hydrated.


6.Sunscreen – Preventing sun tan is one of the biggest job suring summer and using a sunscreen is the surest way to ban the tan. Use sunscreen daily and apply at least half an hour before you step out and re-apply every two hours. Sunscreen help protect against the harsh rays of the sun.
7.Treatment – if even after a lot of care you still end up getting skin problems, don’t wait for a long time to rush to the doctor. Get your treatment done immediately so that the skin problem does minimum damage.
8.Toner – Many people underestimate the work of a toner and either don’t use it at all or else use it once in a while. Toners help to remove any remaining dirt on the skin and also add certain active ingredients to the skin. It helps in closing pores after washing.


9.Remove makeup- Always remember to remove makeup before you sleep as this will help your skin breathe and not develop any zits.
10.Mask – A face mask suiting your skin type is a good way of pampering your skin and leaving it looking younger and beautiful. A mask rejuvenates skin and provides nutrients too.

With these simple steps we’re sure you’ll be able to maintain gorgeous looking skin during summer. Follow these and leave a blemish free life!

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Things to keep yourself busy during summer

There are a million things that we keep thinking of doing but never find time to actually do them. Summer season actually does provide some amount of leisure time which we can utilize to keep ourselves busy. Here are a few suggestions by which you can keep yourself busy and enjoy too!

1.Take up a hobby – You must have had some hobby when you were younger. Pursue that during the season to hone it into a skill
2.Learn a new language – Be it French, German, Spanish or any Indian language this is the best time to learn and master a new language.


3.Learn a new instrument – Always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Why not take the plunge and learn one now?
4.Favourite Shows & Movies- This is the best time to watch favourite shows and movies, just grab a bowl of popcorn!
5.Write – If you’re good with words why not start a blog or write articles for your local newspaper or some magazine.
6.Do-it-yourself- Take up art and crafts, learn stitching, embroidery or knitting. Decorate your home with things that you’ve made yourself.


7.Bucket List – This is the best time to reflect on your life and decide on things that you want to fulfill. In short, make a bucket list and try to stick to it.
8.Travel – Go on a vacation, explore a new city with friends, family or alone. The joy, memories and experience would be remarkable.
9.Public Transportation – Use public transport to explore your own city and find out exclusive places to eat and shop.


10.Flea markets and bargain – Raid the thrift stores and flea markets in your city and learn to bargain like a pro.
11.Amusement Park – Summer is the best season to visit an amusement park. Take a plunge from the scary looking rides and overcome your fear with loads of fun as well.
12.Get a job – Start working to build up that pocket money. This is the best time to taste the working life and have some working experience.
13.Read – Whether you buy books or enroll in a library, this is the best time to read and cram as much knowledge as possible in your brain.


14.Shopping – Go shopping, to while away the time and also get new trendy clothes and possibly a make-over too.
15.Sleepovers- What better way to spend the night than gossiping away with a friend? Arrange for sleep overs so that you can speak to your heart’s content.

These were a few tips for you to keep yourself busy, you can always find your own and share them with us too!

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Ways to accessorize yourself this summer

There is an art behind proper accessorizing for a particular weather, but it’s especially important during summer. The added heat and humidity leaves no place for layering. So to assist you in your daily chic and oomph factor we suggest a few tricks to jazz up any ensemble!

1.All that glitters, is gold: Gold baubles look best with summer dresses. They shine brightly when hit by the sunlight and bring the right glow to the face and compliments the tan too!


2.Scarf- Wear a light and breezy scarf over your regular tee or simple dress to spice things up.
3.Shoes – You can buy trendy dresses on the cheap but never compromise on footwear. A great pair of shoes goes a long way in accessorizing and bringing out your best look. Choose a pair which is trendy as well as comfortable as we want you to put your best foot forward.
4.Nail Polish – Funky, bright colours are in vogue and they uplift your ensemble as well as your mood. Nail polish are a great option to glamorize your outfit without shelling out a lot of money.
5.Belt – Maxi dresses and tunics look much better when there is a belt outlining the curves and accentuating the waist. A belt in brown, black or animal prints can bring the much needed relief to your outfit and can actually highlight your curves.


6.Hats- Take a cue from Kate Middleton and don a hat. A straw, breezy hat is a great way to accessorize your summer dresses and also will protect you against the sun. A hat comes in handy whether you’re out for a brunch or on the beach.
7.Keep it simple, silly- Keep your accessories to a bare minimum. A simple necklace or a thin chain with a pendant will look much better than gaudy jewelery, after all it is summer!
8.Hair – Summer is not the best time to let your hair down and here we are speaking literally. Put your hair up in a bun and for added drama wear simple oversized hooped earrings.
9.Sunglasses – Shades serve a dual purpose, they are functional as well as glamorous. Invest in a pair of sunglasses which suit your face type and gives you maximum coverage against the sun.


10.Tote Bag – With the amount of beauty products that you’d need to carry in summer you definitely need a bag and a tote bag is the best option. It looks sty`ewlish and whether you’re off to work or to a lunch with friends it will add to the drama of your outfit.

Hopefully you’d find this post helpful. So follow the tips and turn out the diva in you, nevertheless of the summer heat! In case you have some pointers that we missed, feel free to give a shout out to us!

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International exotic destinations to visit during summer

The summer season brings with it one of the best reasons to let your hair down and explore new places. Vacation is what comes to mind when one is thinking about summer. India has some great hill stations which are best visited during summer. But if you want to be adventurous and a little daring then the world is open with great and exotic places to explore.

Although most European or Western countries would be much cooler than India during summer and can be visited during the season, but there are a few which kills the competition hands down. Here we give you a few suggestions for your next trip.


1.Barcelona, Spain: Situated at Spain’s Mediterranean coast, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan town that offers a great urban life as well as easy access to the beach and some great and remarkable artwork by Antoni Gaudi in Park Guell.
2.Alaska, U.S.A: Known for its snowy terrains and igloo, Alaska is a great place to visit in summer if you’re not that fond of snow. The days are extra long, temperature is comfortable and nature is allowed its free reign during the season.
3.Hawaii, USA: Picturesque beaches, green mountains, white sands and clear blue sea personifies Hawaii. This place is worth visiting whether you’re solitude loving or party hopping kind.
4.Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki has cold long winters, so when summer sets in the place comes alive with greenery, vegetation and breathtaking landscapes. The snow melts aways to bring out bike trails and hiking treks with cafes lining the countryside.


5.Vancouver, Canada: Home to the world’s only temperate rainforest and soaring mountains, Vancouver is bordered by Pacific Ocean on one side and presents a pleasant stay and breathtaking views.
6.Ibiza, Spain: Ibiza is a paradise for the party-hopper as well as the meditating tourist. It is well known for its all night raves. However, its cool and sunny beaches provide a perfect getaway to the pensive mind.
7.Bali, Indonesia: Bali’s perfect coastline and mountains create the best setting for an exotic summer vacation and appeals to all.


8.Australia or New Zealand: Wouldn’t it be fun to roam around in sweaters during May? New Zealand or Australia for that matter provides a perfect way to experience something different as it is winter season in the southern hemisphere.
9.Santorini, Greece: This volcanic island is a haven for beautiful architecture and magnificient Mediterranean views. The whitewashed buildings with blue doors and windows provides a pristine and most easily recognizable view.
10.Romania: This is a year long tourist destination but the summer brings out the best time to explore Bran’s castle as well as numerous monasteries, churches and villages.


These are only a few destinations that we have highlighted here, but as the saying goes – the world is your oyster. So take that plunge, go to exotic and seldom explored regions of the world and do share your experiences with us as well, so that we may follow your lead too!

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10 Ways to ban the tan

The summer season, barring a few good things like mangoes, juicy fruits and summer holidays, spells trouble for most people especially if you want to look your best. No amount of sunscreen, over sized hats, umbrellas and scarves can help you evade and get rid of the tan and the patchy blemished skin it leaves behind. But a few simple home remedies can actually work wonders and help you get rid of the harsh rays of the sun too.

1. Yoghurt and turmeric: A mixture of these ingredients can help soothe and cool the skin. It has a healing effect and reduces any redness or irritation of skin. Apply this mixture to specific areas if you have tanned patches. Let it dry and then wash off with cold water. The mixture results in a glowing and flawless skin and reduces the tan.


2. Potato juice and lemon: This is the perfect recipe and works as a bleach on any dark patches or spots caused by tanning. Applying potato slices also help in reducing tan.

3. Milk and saffron: Milk is known as beautifying agent since time immemorial. Cleopatra was believed to have taken bath with milk. But the properties of milk increases manifold if you add saffron to it. Saffron provides a pinkish tinge to the complexion making your skin look healthier and lovelier.

4. Lemon: Even when used alone lemons are great for detanning and lightening dark spots. Applying it mixed it with some glycerine and rose water enhances its properties and helps in reducing dark spots and moisturizes the skin as well.


5. Eggs: Egg whites help in de-tan and removing toxins from the skin. It also firms up the face and leaves it looking youthful and glowing.

6. Tomatoes: Tomato juice which is rich in lycopene when mixed with oats makes a great natural scrub. It cleanses, nourishes and reduces tan. Apply the mixture on to the face, let it dry and then wash off with cold water.

7. Mint: Mint leaves are great for giving relief from sunburn. Crush the leaves and apply on the affected area to get rid of the tan and the burn.

8. Aloe Vera: The benefits of aloe vera are numerous and nowadays many cosmetic companies are also incorporating this in their products. Extract the gel by split opening a leaf, apply for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. It removes tan, moisturizes and provides a flawless complexion.


9. Almonds: Rich in Vitamin E, almonds nourish the skin with important nutrients. They might dry out the skin so in order to prevent this, soak them overnight in milk, remove the peel and grind them. Add milk cream or honey and apply the paste to the affected areas. It de-tans and also lighten dark lips.

10. Papaya: It helps exfoliate and soothes the skin reducing tan. It provides a healthy glow upon application and that is the main reason that it is used in many facials. Mashing papaya pulp with milk and then applying it brings a healthy glow to the face.

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