Different ways to maintain the perfect skin this summer

It’s not only our words that help us communicate better, but our face provides the meaning behind our words. So obviously taking care of your facial skin is of utmost priority since who doesn’t want to make a good impression and look beautiful too. But good skin always comes with a cost and that is effort and care. Here are a few pointers which would help you maintain perfect skin this summer:


1.Make skin care a routine – Embarking on a skin care routine only after getting acne, wrinkles, pimples or blackheads is not the best practice. Good skin is a result of diligent skin care routine. If you don’t maintain the practice then this is the best time to start.
2.Stay Hydrated – There are no magic treatments to a glowing skin but drinking eight glasses of water a day can solve many skin problems. Water keeps your skin hydrated and flushes away toxins from your body.


3.Diet according to summer – What you put into your mouth reveals a lot about your skin. Opt for salads, soups, fruits and vegetables during the hot season. If you don’t want to have an entire fruit, juices are good too. Instead of aerated and alcoholic drinks go for fresh fruit juices.
4.Exfoliate – Exfoliation is the perfect choice for removing the dead skin off your face. It keeps skin looking fresh and healthy and also helps in blood circulation. Choose a good exfoliation cream with tiny granules for best effect. Exfoliate twice a week for best results.
5.Moisturize- Even though you might feel sweat pouring over your brow and the humidity might not make your skin seem dry, moisturizing is an important step to good skin care. Moisturize your skin after a bath when your skin is still wet to keep it smooth and well hydrated.


6.Sunscreen – Preventing sun tan is one of the biggest job suring summer and using a sunscreen is the surest way to ban the tan. Use sunscreen daily and apply at least half an hour before you step out and re-apply every two hours. Sunscreen help protect against the harsh rays of the sun.
7.Treatment – if even after a lot of care you still end up getting skin problems, don’t wait for a long time to rush to the doctor. Get your treatment done immediately so that the skin problem does minimum damage.
8.Toner – Many people underestimate the work of a toner and either don’t use it at all or else use it once in a while. Toners help to remove any remaining dirt on the skin and also add certain active ingredients to the skin. It helps in closing pores after washing.


9.Remove makeup- Always remember to remove makeup before you sleep as this will help your skin breathe and not develop any zits.
10.Mask – A face mask suiting your skin type is a good way of pampering your skin and leaving it looking younger and beautiful. A mask rejuvenates skin and provides nutrients too.

With these simple steps we’re sure you’ll be able to maintain gorgeous looking skin during summer. Follow these and leave a blemish free life!

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