Things to keep yourself busy during summer

There are a million things that we keep thinking of doing but never find time to actually do them. Summer season actually does provide some amount of leisure time which we can utilize to keep ourselves busy. Here are a few suggestions by which you can keep yourself busy and enjoy too!

1.Take up a hobby – You must have had some hobby when you were younger. Pursue that during the season to hone it into a skill
2.Learn a new language – Be it French, German, Spanish or any Indian language this is the best time to learn and master a new language.


3.Learn a new instrument – Always wanted to learn to play an instrument? Why not take the plunge and learn one now?
4.Favourite Shows & Movies- This is the best time to watch favourite shows and movies, just grab a bowl of popcorn!
5.Write – If you’re good with words why not start a blog or write articles for your local newspaper or some magazine.
6.Do-it-yourself- Take up art and crafts, learn stitching, embroidery or knitting. Decorate your home with things that you’ve made yourself.


7.Bucket List – This is the best time to reflect on your life and decide on things that you want to fulfill. In short, make a bucket list and try to stick to it.
8.Travel – Go on a vacation, explore a new city with friends, family or alone. The joy, memories and experience would be remarkable.
9.Public Transportation – Use public transport to explore your own city and find out exclusive places to eat and shop.


10.Flea markets and bargain – Raid the thrift stores and flea markets in your city and learn to bargain like a pro.
11.Amusement Park – Summer is the best season to visit an amusement park. Take a plunge from the scary looking rides and overcome your fear with loads of fun as well.
12.Get a job – Start working to build up that pocket money. This is the best time to taste the working life and have some working experience.
13.Read – Whether you buy books or enroll in a library, this is the best time to read and cram as much knowledge as possible in your brain.


14.Shopping – Go shopping, to while away the time and also get new trendy clothes and possibly a make-over too.
15.Sleepovers- What better way to spend the night than gossiping away with a friend? Arrange for sleep overs so that you can speak to your heart’s content.

These were a few tips for you to keep yourself busy, you can always find your own and share them with us too!

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