10 Ways to ban the tan

The summer season, barring a few good things like mangoes, juicy fruits and summer holidays, spells trouble for most people especially if you want to look your best. No amount of sunscreen, over sized hats, umbrellas and scarves can help you evade and get rid of the tan and the patchy blemished skin it leaves behind. But a few simple home remedies can actually work wonders and help you get rid of the harsh rays of the sun too.

1. Yoghurt and turmeric: A mixture of these ingredients can help soothe and cool the skin. It has a healing effect and reduces any redness or irritation of skin. Apply this mixture to specific areas if you have tanned patches. Let it dry and then wash off with cold water. The mixture results in a glowing and flawless skin and reduces the tan.


2. Potato juice and lemon: This is the perfect recipe and works as a bleach on any dark patches or spots caused by tanning. Applying potato slices also help in reducing tan.

3. Milk and saffron: Milk is known as beautifying agent since time immemorial. Cleopatra was believed to have taken bath with milk. But the properties of milk increases manifold if you add saffron to it. Saffron provides a pinkish tinge to the complexion making your skin look healthier and lovelier.

4. Lemon: Even when used alone lemons are great for detanning and lightening dark spots. Applying it mixed it with some glycerine and rose water enhances its properties and helps in reducing dark spots and moisturizes the skin as well.


5. Eggs: Egg whites help in de-tan and removing toxins from the skin. It also firms up the face and leaves it looking youthful and glowing.

6. Tomatoes: Tomato juice which is rich in lycopene when mixed with oats makes a great natural scrub. It cleanses, nourishes and reduces tan. Apply the mixture on to the face, let it dry and then wash off with cold water.

7. Mint: Mint leaves are great for giving relief from sunburn. Crush the leaves and apply on the affected area to get rid of the tan and the burn.

8. Aloe Vera: The benefits of aloe vera are numerous and nowadays many cosmetic companies are also incorporating this in their products. Extract the gel by split opening a leaf, apply for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. It removes tan, moisturizes and provides a flawless complexion.


9. Almonds: Rich in Vitamin E, almonds nourish the skin with important nutrients. They might dry out the skin so in order to prevent this, soak them overnight in milk, remove the peel and grind them. Add milk cream or honey and apply the paste to the affected areas. It de-tans and also lighten dark lips.

10. Papaya: It helps exfoliate and soothes the skin reducing tan. It provides a healthy glow upon application and that is the main reason that it is used in many facials. Mashing papaya pulp with milk and then applying it brings a healthy glow to the face.

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