Foods to avoid during summer season

The soaring mercury outside is sure to get you down and the fact that food can no longer be your mood enhancer, spells trouble for many. One of the major predicament of summer season is to take care of food habits so that one does not fall prey to ill health. More heat is generated in the body which makes a person feel irritable, tired and have trouble sleeping. Even the digestive system does not function properly and constipation is an easy occurrence.

Keeping yourself hydrated through water and juices is a crucial step, but one must have the right foods to stay fit and healthy. Some Indian foods can create havoc and should be best avoided. Here are the foods that one should stay from:

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Spice: Indian foods are known for its thick gravies and curries which are laden with spice. Although they are tasty but the spices also heat up the body as they boost the rate of metabolism. It is best to use a minimal amount of spice in food if not able to do away with it entirely.

Non-vegetarian: This is not the best climate to dig into non-veg buffets and tandoors. Chicken, meat and seafood should be avoided as they makes a person sweat more and cause digestive problems. They can also be a cause of diarrhea.

Oily junk food: Burgers, french fries, pakoras are a strict no-no during summer. They elevate body temperature and are hard to digest.

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Tea and coffee- Excess tea and coffee is never good but during summer these should be avoided, as caffeine and sugar dehydrate the body.

Sauce: Cheese sauces should be best left alone as they are rich in calories and leaves one bloated and sluggish.

Chilled drinks: Drinking chilled drinks might give a temporary cooling effect but are not good for health as they constrict blood vessels and decrease heat loss. Also they are the cause for cold and flu.

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Dried fruits – Avoid dried fruits as they are high in calories and increase body heat, instead switch to fresh fruits.

Stay healthy by avoiding these food items and you’ll surely have a healthy summer. Enjoy blue skies and make hay while the sun shines!

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