Beverages that will keep you cool in summer

Indian summers can be swelteringly hot and hard to cope with. But there are ways to combat the season and have a whole load of fun as well. Water sports, mangoes and vacations are some of the best ways of having a good time during summer, but another tasty way is cool summer beverages to quench your thirst and bring sweet joy in life.
1.Aam Panna – This is a raw mango drink also known as aamjhora. Made from roast raw mango pulp spiced with black salt, sugar and mint, this delectable drink is very popular in northern India and protects from the scorching effects of the summer wind ‘loo’.
2.Lemonade – Lime juice mixed with water and flavoured with sugar and salt is the ultimate thirst quencher and restorative. It helps in digestion as well.
3.Buttermilk – Popularly called chaas or taak in India, buttermilk is a regular accompaniment of meals throughout the year but holds a special mention during summer. Spiced with roast cumin powder, a hint of chilly powder and coriander and mint leaves, this drink proves to be the best appetizer ever.
4.Jaljeera – This drink can be best described as Indian lemonade where the drink is infused with spices to make it more spicy and tangy.
5.Cucumber Cooler – As cool as cucumber is a well known phrase and this drink definitely explains the simile. Cucumber cooler with mint makes a refreshing drink and can be prepared up to a day in advance.
6.Badam Milk – Milk infused with the richness of almonds and saffron this is a festive drink served hot or cold. Highly nutritious and delicious to taste it is an instant hit with children who might not like drinking plain white milk.
7.Tea (Masala Chai) – Black tea brewed with milk and spices is a favourite and all season drink of India be it summer or winter.
8.Cold Coffee – To beat the heat on a summer day there is nothing as inviting as a tall glass of cold coffee with some icecream at the top.
9.Lassi – Sweetened whisked yoghurt is one of the best beverages to be had during summer. Garnish your glass with chopped nuts and it will surely make your day.
10.Mango Lassi – What tastes better than lassi? It’s mango lassi, lassi whisked with ripe mango pulp. Yum!
11.Mango slush/ Aamras – Chilled mango pulp with or without whisked fresh cream or icecream is the best quencher when offered as a drink or dessert when offered after a heartening meal!
12.Thandai – Cold milk flavoured with sugar, spices, almond and nuts is a popular drink during the Holi festival. But it can also be had to lend some zing to your life!

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