5 ways to make your summer cooler

Summer is now officially almost upon us, notwithstanding the clever hide-and-seek the weather keeps playing with us these days. The days are getting longer and progressively warmer and soon it would be the day when we would be pining for the cold wintry breeze. Still there are some things that you can do which will make your summer cooler.
1.Take in some fresh air – The fastest and easiest way to fix the temperature is by opening a window. It will bring in fresh air and also is free, so no heavy electricity bills. On the other hand for a more cooler experience you can switch on your coolers, and for best results keep the doors and windows closed.

2.Splash some water – Find a friend to hit the pool or go with your family to a water park once in a while. Join swimming classes or just take a big dive into your local neighborhood pool for a respite from the scorching heat or else just take a cold shower.
3.Drink plenty of water – During summer our body loses a lot of fluids through sweat which leaves us fatigued and hot, to curb the drained out feeling have plenty of water and fresh fruit juices. Abstain from alcoholic and caffeinated drinks as these will make you thirstier and more sapped.

4.Hit the snooze button – Warm weather makes one drowsy but when sleeping the heat gets to you. So what is the solution, you might ask. It’s simple, sleep with a sheet instead of a comforter and have a fan right above you for maximum breeze, you can also dampen your sheets a little for a more cooling effect.
Young woman drinking water outdoors.
5.Don a summer look – Summer clothing calls for cottons and airy clothes. Ditch thick fabrics in dark colours as these absorb more heat from the sun. Instead wear dresses and skirts if you’re a girl and khakis, shorts and cotton trousers if you’re a guy. Wear open footwear which will give some breathing space to your feet as well, lest they start sweating and smelling.

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