Tips to stay healthy during season change

sneezingWe are traversing through two seasons leaving behind the chilly winter and steadily moving towards sweltering heat of summer, and this is the time when a barrage of diseases and ailments hit us. This is the time when we are down and out with cold, cough, fever, flu and digestive problems. However, with little care we can maintain optimum health and immunity. Here are some tips to keep yourself as fit as a fiddle during this phase.
1.Hydration – Since the season is changing it is more pertinent to keep yourself hydrated with water now than ever as it helps in regulating your body temperature.
2.Clear the air – It’s time to dust your AC or cooler and open the windows for fresh air. Room heaters and other heating equipments need to be stacked in the closet. Get your air conditioners and coolers in top shape by servicing them or else if you don’t have one then its the best time to buy before there is a beeline for it in the market.
3.Exercise – Keeping an active lifestyle and getting a little fresh air is essential in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Exercising for even 30 minutes can do wonders for your body and skin. Do any type of exercise that you like cycling, jogging, walking or yoga and it will surely add years to your life.
4.Get some sun – Vitamin D is very important for our well being and during winters when the sun is busy playing hide-and-seek we hardly get any sunlight. Now that the weather is going to be warmer make sure that your body soak up on the solar energy.
5.Be stress free – Try to lead a stress free life, worry less and bid tension goodbye. Smile more often and try meditation to clear your mind of clutter.
6.Fruits and Vegetables – Eat seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. Include them daily in your diet and limit the the intake of caffeine and intoxicating drinks.
7.Sleep – Get enough sleep every night to keep yourself energized and fit. Every body needs at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Improper sleep patterns can lead to digestive problems as well as hypertension.
8.Wash hands regularly – Keep the bacteria off limits by washing your hands regularly with a disinfectant. Use a sanitizer while on the move.
9.Wear appropriate clothes – If winter had you piling up, make sure that you wear breezy clothes during summer. But ensure that you don’t get too tanned or bitten by bugs.
10.Special Drinks – Summer spells the season of juicy fruits, which invariably help in combating the heat and provides immunity and nutrition to the body. A daily intake of these juices will ensure that you’re well hydrated.
11.Care for hair and skin – Sunscreen is a must while transitioning between seasons. Use conditioners after shampooing to keep it soft and frizz free during the dry season.
12.Digestive foods – Eat fiber rich food to keep your digestive system in check.
13.Have ‘me’ days – Spend some time in the pursuit of idleness, keep yourself company and enjoy doing things which you like.
Whatever be the season ensure that you’re happy, that would keep you fit and healthy.

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