Prepare yourself for summer

summer-splash-sun-logoIn a country like ours summer is predominantly the main season all across, and in order to actually enjoy summer we need to prepare. Notwithstanding the blistering and prickly heat, this season could be a very enjoyable one too if we anticipate well. Just follow a few steps to enjoy this season to the fullest.

1.Vacations – This is the best time of the year to plan and go on a vacation. All those hill stations which were unavailable during winters are open and welcome tourists with open arms. Lying in a hammock with a good book and sipping cool drinks is one of the best ways to pamper yourself this season.
2.Buy necessary items – Shop for sunscreen and for prickly heat powder if you’re prone to this irritating malady. Buy clothes which are lighter in colour and have a breezy fabric. Dresses, shirts, skirts are great during this season. Flip- flops and open toe footwear look stylish as well as provide comfort during the hot season. Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes as well as to make a style statement!
3.Mangoes – The best season to have the king of fruits. This delicious and juicy fruit will definitely make you slurp with joy. You’re salivating, no?
4.Get back into shape – After gorging on those delectable gajar ka halwa, pinnis, tilgud, cakes throughout winter and going berserk drinking wine and partying all night for new year, its time that you wipe the dust off your running shoes and hit the gym to get back into shape. With the winter clothes you could easily hide away that paunch but now that summer is here its time to go lean and thin.
5.Join some classes – Don’t waste this season in just lying around except if you’re on a holiday, of course. Take up a new class or a new hobby.
6.Redo your home – Remove all those devices that you used to keep your house warm, thermostats, room heaters and fire logs all need to go. Put up light coloured breezy curtains to help in air flow and ventilation. Defrost your freezer. Stack up your refrigerator with fresh fruits and juices. Buy ice cream, store it in the freezer and help yourself whenever you feel like!
7.Gorge on fruits and fruit juices – Summer ensures that you have great options in the non-alcoholic beverages category to quench your thirst. Lemonade, orange juice, water melon slices, buttermilk, aam panna are some delectable and hard to say no to drinks available this season. Did we mention ice- creams, faloodas and golas?
8.Be a water-baby – Water parks, swimming pools, beaches and other water bodies would be beckoning to you this season, make the most of it. Jump in, make a splash and have a great time too!
9.Get your coolers, air-conditioners ready – The time to buy, install or service your air-conditioners and coolers is now before there is a mad rush of people queuing up to buy them and the cost doubles.
10.Body care – For those wearing sandals and peep-toes make sure you don’t end up having hobbit feet. Make sure your toenails are cut and clean. Don’t give away that moisturizer as summers make your skin dry as well. Ensure that you apply a sunscreen and chap stick whenever needed.

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