Benefits of Recycling Waste

The world we live in has given us food, water, shelter, and a full life. But by wastage, we are depleting our earth of resources that are already in short supply, and seriously impending our planet’s ability to provide a conducive environment for us, and for our future generations to live & prosper in! Copious consumption, increasing usage of power, land, water, and all natural & man-made resources has crippled the planet. We need to arrest this problem right away. And each individual can contribute. How? By RECYCLING!
Oregon, Florence, recycling bin

First off, let us understand what ‘recycling’ means in principal. In very simple terms, it is to extract and use any & all useful parts of a product that we are discarding. This helps in reducing the amount of ‘new materials’ that are required to be produced. Garbage therefore, yields the maximum potential for recycling, since many of the materials that are part of one’s garbage, are easily recyclable.

So what are some of the main Benefits of Recycling?

Recycling can’t happen by itself. It will need human resource. And it can often be a labor intensive job since there’s a lot of sifting, segregating involved. So for one, recycling gives a huge economic benefit to any community, and that is job-creationWhen there is a conscious effort to recycle; eg: people are segmenting their garbage into different bio-degradable categories etc; the community become generally a lot more environmentally aware and alive. This eco-friendliness and awareness then spreads across all aspects of peoples’ lives and becomes second nature. It makes for a greener society.
At the most basic level, recycling ensures that glass, paper, plastic and other essential materials are preserved, conserved, and reused – thereby needing less of these items to be produced afresh. Less mass-production, less-pollution, cleaner planet, more resources!
Tree with sunlight shining through the branches
By recycling paper, lesser tress are felled. When lesser trees are felled, more oxygen is produced by the ample trees that exist. And when ample oxygen is made, it makes for a healthier environment.Energy-saving is one of recycling’s primary benefits too. Its straightforward – every time a can is recycled, a new one doesn’t need to be manufactured. The cumulative energy saved by not having to produce grounds up materials & products is immense.

Its high time that we saw the obvious benefits of recycling and adopted it in our daily lives. Its all well to leave things to legislators and governments; but if all us citizens become a little aware, a little conscious – then we will truly make a better planet, and a genuinely cooler society.

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