Cool Apps for your phone

Cellular phones have revolutionized our lives like no other device. Gone are the days when we used landlines and letters to stay in touch. In fact, cellular phones have become such an integral part of our lives because they are so much more than just instruments of communication, the are an opportunity to refine, organize, enjoy and better your life! All thanks to Apps. Everyday there are many apps launched that are either free or can be bought. Its not necessary that you need them all, but getting some of them on your phone will literally put a lot of convenience on your fingertips! So let us try and make some sense of the millions of apps out there with some of the coolest Apps for your Windows/Android or iPhone.
Woman Using Her iPhone
Google Sky Map – This cool app brings the heavens to you! This is an Android app that uses a phone’s orientation tools to give details of the sky right above you. Just point your phone at the sky for an accurate representation of stars and constellations twinkling above you! Super cool we say!
Endomodo is a must have for all your fitness fans. There is a free version available for Android users that tracks your walking or running. This works on the basis of tracking your movements via your phone’s GPS. A map will mark out your achievements that you can then share on your social networking sites. It will even give you words of encouragement!
Yahoo! Weather – If you are always blaming the MET department for getting you wet in the rain, its time you switched to Yahoo Weather. Get real-time conditions, heat and wind maps and even sunrise/sunset phases! You can actively participate on this app as well by submitting photos yourself!
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CamMe – We all love taking pictures of ourselves don’t we? Its even lead the Oxford dictionary to include the word “Selfie” in its hallowed pages. So if you’re a selfie expert, you can take your photos from upto 3 meters away by just pointing the camera your way and then raising our hand in a gesture
Pandora – Listening to music is one of favorite things to do on our pones. But instead of downloading and transferring music, why not simply get Pandora…a ad free radio station that streams live music categorized into genres and even sub-genres! Excellent sound quality and unmatched selection of music makes it the best radio app around.

So work or play, your mobile phone along with its apps can be your best partner. Go ahead, download and enjoy!

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