Tips To Keep Your Weekend Cool

Through the working week people are hard at work. The top priority is to get the job done, everything else, including leisure-time, comfort, and solitude – are de-prioritized. The weekend is when our minds & bodies get a chance to relax, enjoy, and revitalize. And aside from spending quality time with ourselves and our loved ones; the weekend is also a chance for us to literally, and mentally – cool down. The weekend then, is like that ‘pit-stop’ we have at the end of every week, to recharge, and reboot, for the life-race that will resume on Monday morning. So what are some of the things one can do, to really ‘cool-off’ on the weekend?

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Cool Water: Spending time in and around water is a great tip to keeping the weekend cool. This could be the swimming pool at a hotel, club, or one’s own housing complex. It could even be an early morning walk along a beac (even if you can’t or don’t like to swim); or a dip in the ocean itself. The sea-breeze is very fresh & rejuvenating, as is a good swim. It cools the mind & body, and makes one relax, totally.

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Cool Air: Depending on where one lives, its always a great idea to escape to the mountains – where once again, the air is fresh, and more importantly, cool. From a place like Mumbai for example, one can get away to make hill-stations or semi-hill areas such as Matheran, Lonavala, Khandala. From a city like Delhi too, there is Dehra-Dun and Mussoorie. From many cities across the country, there will be a hilly, cool escape not too far away. Be it Mount Abu from Jaipur, or the rolling hills Down South. Fresh mountain air, cool breezes, fog-covered romantic mornings, and the mountain-weekend can be just what the doctor ordered, to cool down.

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Cool Confines: If one can’t find the time to physically leave the city, there are many other ways of cooling down too. Visit your local Mall with family & friends. Or take in a movie at the multiplex. All cool environments that are tremendous fun, and a great escape not only from the stresses of the working week, but also, and literally, the heat outside. Shopping, gaming, eating – all in a super-cool environment.

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Cool Eats: Some of life’s biggest joys are the simplest things, and luckily, inexpensive too. And the bonus is, they happen to be cool. Ice-cream, a fresh-squeezed juice; and many many other ‘cool eating treats’ is a great way of keeping the weekend cool. Be it a gelato or yoghurt shop, your local juice-wala, or just home-made cool-drinks, shakes, cold coffees, iced teas; Cool drinks & food will instantly put a smile on your face, and cool things down

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Cool Mind: Believe it or not, one of the best things one can do to make one’s weekend cool, is to actually make a conscious effort to ‘calm down’. This is one of those things that doesn’t even need a ‘cold’ experience. Its all in the mind. Kick back with a great book, listen to some nice music, meditate, or just catch up with an old friend. The point is simply to do something totally relaxing that one wouldn’t have the time and/or opportunity to do during the week. Something that one thoroughly enjoys. Because at the end of the day, staying ‘cool’ is as much a mental-psychological state, as it is a physical one. If the mind is calm & relaxed, you will automatically feel cool!

We all wait with baited breadth for the weekend. Why not make sure that it is genuinely relaxing, cooling, and rejuvenating! So be cool, and stay cool!

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