Natural Ways To Keep Your Body Cool

We live in a world where there are many conveniences & luxuries. Beating the heat & keeping cool has been made very easy by products such as coolers & air conditioners. But these products weren’t always around. And sometimes, the good old ‘natural’ ways of keeping cool, are the best – for our own bodies, and, for the environment. So what are some of the best natural ways of keeping our bodies cool, all the time?

WATER – The purest, most natural refresher. Keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of water. And never shy from hitting the shower, that one extra time. Both internally and externally for our bodies, few things can be as soothing, cooling, and relaxing, as water. It can be therapeutic. Think of water as the coolant liquid you put in your car. Water does exactly the same thing for us!


COOL ENVIRONMENT – When you have a shoe polish it is always recommended that you first remove the dust from the shoe, then apply the polish. Why? Simply so that you pre-create a ‘conducive’ environment. Keeping cool is very similar. Rather than putting on the air conditioner straight away at the lowest possible temperature (thereby increasing electricity bills & polluting the environment); cool down the space, naturally. Film on large windows, curtains, blinds, shades. All these will significantly bring down the temperature, and you may even find that you don’t need the gadgets to be switched on! Cool confines, cool bodies.


COOL CHANGES – The previous point can be taken even further when constructing/designing one’s spaces. False ceilings, heat-treatment on the roof, are seemingly expensive, but extremely long-term & cost effective methods of ultimately reducing reliance on appliances, by inherently creating cool spaces!

WEAR COOL – Use fabrics that are light & airy, and breathe easy. Time to say goodbye to the poly-fabrics & synthetic drapes & upholstery. And style does not necessitate leather either! Go cotton – to wear, to sleep in, and to drape your home & offices in. You will feel exponentially cooler, automatically.


EAT COOL – Similarly, eat cool. And that doesn’t just mean consume lots of water. Water is well & good, important. But if you’re drinking lots of water, but finally also consuming a lot of fatty, rich food that emanates heat in your system – it amounts to nothing. Try and cut down on rich oily foods, red meats, eggs, heavy dishes. Switch to light, refreshing, healthy foods & dishes. Ones that provide nourishment as well as lightness. Watermelon, Mint Tea, Salads – a quick search will reveal just what’s right to eat, to keep the body, super-cool!


And finally, keep an open mind and consider using ‘alternative’ cooling devices. Its not necessary to go and spend thousands on expensive air-conditioners that further produce toxins and hefty power bills when there is a slew of new, inexpensive, eco-friendly, and highly effective coolers out there. Do your research well, stay innately cool, and then make a decision. Happy cooling!

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