Cool monsoon destinations that you absolutely must check out!

Corbis-42-35934216We get this a lot that its not safe to travel during the monsoons. But let us tell you that it is one of the best seasons to be outdoors! Keeping the ball in your court- whether to venture out or not during the monsoons- here are 4 places that you “have to” see while the season stays.

Leh, Ladakh: In the furthest corner of northern India, near the Indus Valley, lies the town of Leh- a remote place that has gained some popularity lately. Bound by two of the world’s largest mountain ranges, and surrounded by an alpine desert that’s full of historic Buddhist monasteries- Leh makes for an interesting place to be. For most of the year, Leh is cut off from the rest of the world except June to October when the snow has melted.

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand: This landscape is stunning and it comes alive like a magical forest during the monsoons. With about 300 different varieties of flowers, this high altitude valley is a carpet of flowers against the snow capped Himalayas. A perfect destination for those who love to hike or explore nature; unfortunately The Valley of Flowers is only open from April to October as it’s covered in snow the rest of the year. An important thing to note here is you must be very fit to be here and you’d require to walk 15 kilometer (9 mile) up a steep mountain trail to get there. But of course, the trouble would be worth the effort.

Goa: It won’t be possible for you to bask in the sun and surf the ocean but we tell you, Goa in monsoons is another affair altogether. No where else in this country would you feel the change of season as you would in Maharashtra or Goa. Lush green fields, no chaotic cohorts, reduced room rates and the beautiful sea breaking on the shores- Goa in the rains is something you must explore.
Kerala: If there is one place that deserves to be seen in the rains, it would be Kerala. It’s the ayurveda hub of India that offers rejuvenating and healing solutions to the tired city souls- not to forget the dust free clean roads and lush backwaters that simply beckons you. Monsoon time is the perfect time to experience Kerala. But if you are into adventure and love thrills- Periyar National Park is where you should go. Unlike most of the reserves in India that stays closed during the monsoons- Periyar is open during the rains and one can take a safari of the forest by boats! It’s also possible to stay in the thickets of the national park- accommodations are provided by the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

A happy and rainy Bon Voyage!

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