The Best Summer Diet

We know how summer brings to mind picnics under the sun, chip and dip, delicious frozen chocolate desserts and a glass of beer! For some of us, summer is incomplete without them. On the contrary, dieticians believe that it is easiest to follow diet during summers as summer brings with it an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Cut out on oils and promise yourself to shed all the unwanted weight this summer by following this special summer diet that’s also the best in the block! One that’s extremely easy to remember.

Thirst = Water
Let this be your motto this summer. Its true that we tend to consume a lot more aerated drink during the summer as opposed to other seasons- a reason why a lot of us put on weight during summertime. Switch to the smarter choice called water. It prevents dehydration, keeps your body cool and also helps you avoid the kilocalories! If plain water is too boring for you, opt for a fresh lime water or a tender coconut water which is also good for your skin.

2 servings each- fruits and vegetables
Summer has a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables which you can make best of! Blitz up fruit smoothies and milkshakes or just grill some fresh apples and pineapples and have it as breakfast. Innovative salads or pan roasted veggies are also a great option during summer.
Don’t skip meals:
Come summer and you’d see people on crash diet. Drastic steps like cutting down meals to lose weight is not only unhealthy but almost always backfires. It slows down metabolism, retards burning calories and eventually makes you eat a lot more. Eat small, but frequent meals.

Carry Curd/Yoghurt:
If you are staying in a hot and tropical place, include some form of curd or yoghurt in your meal. A known cooler, buttermilk necessarily doesn’t have to bland and tasteless. With a dash of cumin, mint, coriander and salt- it can be made delicious! 85627904Plus, a glass of buttermilk or chaas just before stepping out in the sun, helps avoid dehydration!
Simple steps can make your summer problem free along with helping you cut out that extra weight! Jot these down on a little paper and go with it- The best summer diet ever!

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