Top 5 places to hangout in New Delhi

Delhi is a collection of exotic locations to hangout and have fun with friends or relatives. Choosing the top 5 among them is not an easy task!

Apart from the historical value that India Gate evokes, it is a popular relaxation area during evenings on the superbly manicured gardens that embrace the grand monument. Along with the options of fast food vendors, horse rides etc, revellers often carry their balls, frisbees or just a pack of playing cards, making it more like a picnic space. During nightfall, India Gate is dramatically floodlit while the fountains nearby make a lovely display with coloured lights.

The Café at Moon River in Defence Colony is a great place for some exceptional home accessories and artifacts. With movie screening, book readings, food and excellent décor constantly experimenting the ambience and elegance, it was named for the lilting theme song from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and the place has stayed true to its lyrical roots.

Shiro: East meets East resto-bar is a six and a half thousand square feet rebuilt into an aesthetic restaurant. Three distinct areas include the bar, private dining rooms and a Teppanyaki area with three live cooking stations. High ceilings add a castle-like feel with rich red accents and oversized embellishments. A colossal statue of a Thai queen and another seven-foot rendering of just her face, the stairs stepping down into a dark dungeon, crossing a hanging bridge and opening a giant door to be welcomed into a palatial setting, giant female statues pouring water down, enhance the sheer magnitude of the size of this resto-bar.

Set amidst a Portuguese backdrop, O Palacio is a unique amalgamation of style, indulgence and opulence, offering the best in art, food and fashion. O Palacio is a serene white walled villa with 3 beautifully designed Guest Rooms, an Art Gallery showcasing various art forms like photography, world cinema, world music etc, a Clothing Design Studio, an open air Fine Dining Restaurant serving international grills. The center court, with its green canopy, surrounded by pearly white lines, lends an enchanting ambience, inspiring art and food connoisseurs and fashion rebels alike.

Visit to Delhi is incomplete without the visitors hanging around in Dilli Haat, a world of Indian art and heritage, providing a forum where rural life and folk art are brought closer to urban clientele. The architectural features of the complex have been especially designed in the traditional north Indian style, with brickwork jail (lattice) and stone roofs, The complex is artistic and recreational in nature with stalls dishing out sumptuous delicacies from different States and Union Territories; an Exhibition Hall; a Souvenir shop selling an assortment of small gift items; an open stage for cultural programmes and a playing area exclusively earmarked for children.

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2 Responses to Top 5 places to hangout in New Delhi

  1. Santosh Rao says:

    True that! A well written blog..

  2. Sahil dave says:

    Please post something about mumbai

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