Places you would love to go if you’re a foodie!

A foodie is emotional about his tastes and preferences related to the tongue and stomach. The most important thing that I would keep in mind if I am a foodie is that, I would visit places where food is healthy, nutritious, yet tasty. Because a foodie would go for frequent bites, it is necessary that the choices don’t play havoc with the body and metabolism. Even if road side food attracts me, I would rather go for substitutes that are less harmful!

Foodies are of two types. One, those who are moved by the visual delight of a colourful spread on the table, but don’t necessarily binge. Two, those who stuff themselves with enormous quantities. Whichever be the class, a foodie would be extremely happy with a buffet spread in a restaurant. Ideally food courts are the best place for a foodie, since choices are widespread and different cuisines are available under one roof. Depending on the mood one can go for snacks, full course meal, choose the drinks and desert, opt for country specific menu, etc. Cool places for food can also be decided based on the menu that appeals to an individual. Whether one prefers Indian, Italian, Thai, Mexican or Continental food would considerably determine his footfall in a particular restaurant.

Along with food comes the mood and ambiance that makes up for a wholesome experience. Appetite is often influenced by aroma, the music, cleanliness, crowd and décor. Ethnic restaurants or a happening joint, what attracts the foodie might not be solely dependent on the menu. People relate their intake as a basic emotion and are often not quite kind to anything that spoils the experience of a peaceful lunch, dinner, breakfast or evening snacks. With such preferences coming up strong and prominent, open air restaurants to hang out casually are becoming increasingly popular as people can enjoy exotic dishes without being too formal about etiquettes. Eating there becomes a relaxed experience. Offers and happy hours often attract foodies if the food joints are reputed with decent spread, ambiance and crowd. A restaurant that satisfies a food lover with quick service and tasty food is the coolest place where customers will never cease to be loyal.

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