The monsoons are upon us. The weather tends to become humid and sweaty, and one can feel quite stifled. But worry not, for help is at hand. For all your cooling needs in these hot humid months, Symphony cooling systems brings to you a world of highly-effective products. And chief among them, are the Tower Coolers from the brand. So what you might ask is so special about these skyscraper-like devices?

 Tower Coolers use Symphony’s Evaporative Cooling Technology. Working on the principal of heat absorption by moisture, air from the outside is drawn into special cooling pads soaked with water, where it gets cooled by evaporation. It is then circulated outside. Because this method relies on the moisture content in the air, it is tremendously effective in the monsoons!

 Tower Coolers, also known as Diet Coolers, are also frugal in operation. As the name suggests, they merely sip on electricity, using little to give more. And the best part – Symphony makes them in three different models! The Diet 50T is the world’s tallest tower cooler, and yet, is very energy-efficiency, rated at just 175 watts. With the world’s largest tank in its category, it has a powerful air throw of 35 feet, and cools up to 250sq. ft. With a power utilization of only 150 watts, the Diet 22T is one of the most energy-efficient tower coolers money can buy. And its economical power usage does not mean compromised cooling – it has a 30 feet air throw, and a cooling capacity of 200 sq. ft! Finally, we have the Diet 8T. ‘Quiet functioning’ is the USP of this model. With an air throw of 25 feet, and a 9-litre tank, it cools up to 125 sq. ft., making it a mean cooling machine, despite its silent operation.

 This monsoons, don’t subject yourself to the discomfort of humidity. Get yourself a tower cooler from Symphony, and enjoy the rains!


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