For most of us, water heating systems, until recently, meant unreliable geysers that consumed way too much electricity, and broke down frequently. Thankfully, one company, with its range of amazing water heaters, has brought change. Symphony Comfort Systems, after conquering the world of cooling systems with their immensely popular, award-winning coolers, now bring Sauna, their range of water heaters. The range redefines reliability and energy-efficiency in water heating systems!

 The Sauna water heater is a showcase of how far the brand has come. It is customized to meet every need, big or small, of the customer by offering no less than four variants, under two broad categories – instant heaters for no-wait heating, and storage heaters which keep the water warm for a long time!

India's First 5 Star Rated Water Heater

 With many firsts to its credit, its not an exaggeration to say that the Sauna heater range is the most advanced water heating system in the country. It is India’s first 5-star BEE rated water heater, and has high density polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation that minimizes heat loss. In addition, storage water heaters of the range have a second layer of special glass wool insulation. This ensures minimum heat loss and maximum energy saving, since water does not have to be reheated constantly.

 Armed with pleasing looks, industry and category-first features, and a wide and unmatched range, the Sauna has everything going for it. What’s more, its 5-star rating ensures heating consumes very little power, and is thus environment-friendly, as well as light on the pocket! What could possibly be better?

 If you haven’t experienced the Sauna water heater, it is time you moved up from the traditional geyser, and adopted the most reliable and efficient way to heat water.


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